The NAWCC is seeking a single or multiple contributors to the Digital Archivist Endowed position.

It is desired that the position will become a named, endowed title with honor.

The NAWCC community retains the most comprehensive dedicated horological library and research center in the world. Creating an endowed digital archivist position will make the NAWCC’s vast collections available in ways unheard of in the past. This position will enable the NAWCC to maintain, operate, and develop our online repository for years.

Once established, the Digital Archivist Endowment Fund will provide a conservative $50,000 per year in dedicated annual earning distributions.

Once fully funded, the Named Endowment Fund can be added to in the future.



Help Us Establish This Fund

Funding Possibilities

Cash or Cash Equivalent

$1,000,000 directed to establish the Digital Archivist Endowment Fund providing a conservative $50,000 per year in dedicated annual earning distributions.

Incremental Funding

Establish an irrevocable bequest or other giving vehicle that will take effect after your lifetime in the amount of $1,000,000. Pledge an annual gift of $50,000 per year during your lifetime that represents the amount that would have been distributed from the endowment had your gift already been received. Your annual gift will provide currently what the endowment will provide eventually.

Multiple Donors

The Digital Archivist Endowment Fund can be fully funded by the initiative of multiple donors. 

Interested In Establishing This Endowment?

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