Dark Curiosities: Gothic Timepieces Through History

An exhibit and Halloween lecture series at the National Watch and Clock Museum.

When we think of gothic things, our mind immediately goes to a dark and stormy castle out of some horror novel. Yet, the term “gothic” has been around for centuries and refers to more than just a faraway castle. Gothic can be anything from a style of design in architecture, a subculture of dress, and even artwork. The exhibit Dark Curiosities: Gothic Timepieces through History will follow the history of the gothic movement as it relates to horology, the study of time. We will look at design, history, mourning art, and more.

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Exhibit Dates

Oct 5, 2019 – Oct 5, 2021

Don’t Miss The Kick Off Event

Saturday, October 5

10am – 3:30pm | $15 per person

Join us for a dark trip through the world of horror and history! The kick-off event includes a Halloween lecture series, lunch, and the exhibit opening.