The S-Town Story

S-Town is a podcast told in seven chapters, and follows an Alabaman horologist named John B. McLemore, who sent an email in 2012 to the creators of This American Life, asking for help in a murder investigation. This led Brian Reed, producer of the podcast to McLemore’s hometown of Woodstock, and kicked off a series of events involving a whirlwind of family feuds, hidden treasure, and a puzzling mystery, all emanating from John B.’s personal, end-of-life story.

The S-Town podcast has been a huge success, with more than 40 million downloads in its first month and over 110 million downloads since its March 2017 launch. Many critics declared it the best podcast of 2017.

The Exhibit

John B. McLemore was a former NAWCC member, and a world-renowned clock maker + restorer. John B.’s friend & client, “Bill”, is also an NAWCC member and is graciously loaning 45 priceless timepieces that John B. restored and maintained.

Also in the exhibit will be a number of John B.’s never-before-seen personal items and personal photographs.

This exclusive exhibit is a licensed partnership with S-Town. S-Town was produced by Brian Reed, This American Life, and Serial Productions.

There will be a commemorative exhibit book for sale by the museum.