The Website Project

Progress Update | 10-14

Shift In Work Approach

From the National Convention up until the start of October, my focus was heavily on web development and information architecture. My marching order from Tom: focus completely on developing the website, and give everything else a secondary priority. While I agree that this was necessary for a short time, I’m at a point where focusing on everything else is the next step towards launching the website.

We’re now in the next iteration of the website project: Iteration 3.

In this iteration, I’ll be communicating, externalizing, and bringing stakeholders into discussions about their part of the website and the website’s use a whole. Development will center around finalizing site-wide elements, responding to department head feedback, and researching hosting & 3rd-party integration options.

To get a handle on our marketing situation, and iron out that process, I’ll be discussing and meeting Leroy, Jenn, members of the board, and each department head.

Things I’ll be providing / explaining / visualizing:

  • Marketing Priorities: Revenue vrs. Mission
  • Marketing Flow: Value > Content > Landing Page > Audience
  • Marketing Goals
  • Website Resources & Needs
  • Final Countdown to Website Launch

That said, there is plenty of coding to do as well, and a final countdown / checklist for the website to move through. The difference being, now my time daily will be split between development & marketing / managerial / strategy related communication.

To Do:


  • Write out last weeks task list
  • write today’s todo list
  • Whiteboard: marketing goals
  • Whiteboard: marketing flow
  • Whiteboard: marketing resources & needs
  • Whiteboard: final countdown
  • Website: Events Template (finalize)
  • Website: Education – Classes Template (finalize)
  • Website: Education – Webinar Template (finalize)
  • Write "How To Make A Post" tutorial + message Corinne, Al
  • Schedule meeting with Library & Archives (Thursday? or whenever they’re able)

This Week

  • Meetings
    • Tuesday: Jenn | Website Strategy, Resources, Needs
    • Tuesday: Company-wide meeting
    • Tuesday: Homeschool Day
    • Wednesday: Publications & The Website
    • Thursday ? : Library & Archives
  • Website
    • Homepage hero
    • Search
    • Sidenav
    • Homepage / Page featured area / header
    • Tom M: find out server specs
    • MB + WordPress: install + test bridge plugin
      • ISSUE: Cannot access from HQ. Kevin is working on a fix.

This Month

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Migration Plan
  • Set Up: User Research
  • Set Up: Testing

Completed Last Week:


  • [ 10-9 ] The Website, Strategy & Plan, Marketing, Resources | Leroy
  • [ 10-9 ] Education & The Website | Corinne
  • [ 10-10 ] The Museum & The Website | Al

Workflow & Strategy:

  • mapped out content > website > marketing flow
  • visualized revenue versus mission matrix
  • started researched workflow tool – Workplace


  • Removed old banner from museum page
  • Research, layout, code fixes, new code:
    • search, sidenav, top nav, logo, mobile navigation, member profile, home page layout, page layout, landing page layout, user flow Changes:
      • combined "about" with the home page
      • improved homepage hero image, to have stronger appeal improved wordpress hero block element
      • responding to feedback, the title hero / featured content may be too tall – condense to fix both in the header space
      • new elements:
        • css animations
        • 3D parallax script
        • details block
  • code improvements to css, html, php, wordpress blocks, javascript

–          New website:

o   the strategy, content & approach for the Museum’s portions of the new website

o   creating / editing exhibit posts on the new website

o   Exhibit landing page:

o   Museum page:

o   Other places museum content appears:

§  Front Page: If you scroll down the page, you’ll come across a featured post area subtitled “Exhibits”

§  Dashboard: Again, scroll down until you come across

§  About page: Each department gets its own section, with an image, logo  or blurb that sums up the museum in as few words as possible.

–          Marketing

o   marketing queue / calendar + coordinating with other departments when posting on the new website, on social media, or making an eblast

o   eblast templates

o   audience + demographics of museum visitors

–          Migration:

o   review and mark any migration-worthy Museum content on the old site:

–          Past Perfect:

o   Ways to bring pastperfect content onto the new website

§  Integrating past perfect’s content with an outside platform (like our website) seems to present some limitations.

§  A possible solution:

§  Past Perfect versus other similar tools:

o   We may need to log in, to look at the options for styling to match the new website (if past perfect is both a crucial tool that we cannot change, and unable to export it’s data to our website.